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Less pain during pregnancy and an easier delivery

When I decided to visit a chiropractor in the seventh month of my ninth pregnancy, I was only looking for relief from pain in my right hip and tailbone. What I received was much more! Dr. Heather’s adjustments gave me almost immediate relief from my discomfort. She also helped me feel much better during the final months of my pregnancy than I had felt previously. Because of this, I was able to take better care of my family and to stay more physically fit. Never before could I walk two “hilly” miles on the night I went into labor!

Dr. Heather also was able to help with my delivery. I believe that her techniques encouraged my baby to be in the preferable anterior position. Many of my other babies were posterior, causing a more difficult labor. Furthermore, when I began pushing, the baby moved quickly through the birth canal, and she arrived in two pushes. I feel that having my spine adjusted during my pregnancy greatly enhanced my efforts at pushing.

Overall, having chiropractic care even for just two months of my pregnancy was very beneficial. I hope to have the opportunity to use it for an entire pregnancy!

Thank you, Dr. Heather!

Victoria F.

Adjustments helped my epilepsy

My name is Keith and I have seizures.  The only solution that my neurologist gave me was to try different drugs until I found one that worked.  Needless to say, it took several years of trial and error to find a good match.  When I say error, I mean ERROR!  I continually had numerous seizures and it became more and more of a problem.  The side effects of the medicines made me not myself, and I could not stand it.  My work at school suffered and my personality changed for the worst.  I continually had “out of body” experiences due to the medication which seemed to occur at the worst possible times.  The doctors told me I would probably never be fully cured of the epilepsy and would probably have to remain on the medicine for the rest of my life. Then we tried chiropractic care.  Dr. Davis explained that I had major subluxations in my neck which can cause seizures.  Now that I am under chiropractic care, I have been seizure free for nearly two years and can now legally drive a car.  I am pleased with the results and am recommending chiropractic care to all of my friends with the same problem.

Keith D.

Pain after an accident

I was in accident February 14 of 2000. Since that time I haven’t been able to participate in any sports activities. I haven’t been able to get a good nights rest. I have taken about 22 different types of medications. Most nights that I refused to take any type of medicine to help me sleep, I would cry myself to sleep. This is so embarrassing, but I thought about suicide several times. I was hurting so bad that I wanted to die. My daughter was eight years of age at the time. I thought about what it would do to her and I couldn’t do it. I have seen four or five specialists. I have undergone therapy several times. I asked my family doctor a few years ago about seeing a chiropractor. He told me that he couldn’t recommend me seeing a chiropractor because they might hurt me.  I knew in the back of my mind that I couldn’t be hurt any worse than I was already hurting. About three weeks ago I was at Walmart and I had to have help with a purchase that I made. I told the guy that I couldn’t help him because I have a bad back. That’s when he gave me Dr. Heather Davis’s card and told me I needed to give her a call. I told him that if she could help me it would be a miracle. So Dr. Heather performed that miracle. I have been feeling so much better. I am resting a lot better. I am not as stressed as I was before. I appreciate that so much. I haven’t completely stopped hurting yet, but I am on my way! I would recommend a chiropractor to anyone who is in pain.

Ruby C.

Webster’s Adjustment

I have been a patient of Dr. Heather Whittle’s for about two and half years, since the end of my first pregnancy.  I began care because I was having a lot of back problems and was two weeks overdue.  I had my first adjustment at 42 weeks and went into labor that evening!

I have continued Chiropractic care for myself, and my daughter since beginning.  I am now on baby number two and this time I have been adjusted the whole pregnancy and have felt great.  In my 32nd week my midwife said that the baby was breech (not in a head down position) so, I went to Dr. Heather and she did the Webster’s adjustment (Chiropractic adjustment to help baby turn into the correct position for birth).  The next day, the baby was head down!  At 34 weeks, the baby was in a posterior presentation which makes labor more painful and harder on the baby so, my O.B. recommended that I see if Dr. Heather could help with correcting that also.  Dr. Heather did the Webster’s again and the next day the baby turned.  Now, I am 37 weeks and everything is where it should be and I am very grateful for Chiropractic and Dr. Heather.

Tracy M.


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